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An Applause Winning Event of Great Popularity

The First China Coil and Motor Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition Rounded Off

The first China Coil and Motor Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition rounded off on March 31, 2012. During the four-day exhibition which opened on March 28,128 leading enterprises in the industry presented themselves to 7,141 visitors. The number of visitors and the effect of the exhibition far surpassed the expectation of the organizer. Winning rapturous applause from visitors, the first launch provided a good starting point for further development of the industry in China. The exhibition has gained the attention of leading enterprises in the industry since its opening. 128 enterprises participated in it finally and the exhibition area reached 7500 square meters. TANAC、Nittoku、Odawara、Dupont、Synflex、ISOVOLTA、RUFF、Bartec、Scheugenflug、Marsilli、Jovil、POSCO,they are all leading enterprises from high-end manufacturing countries in east Asia, Europe, and southeast Asia brought their advanced products to the exhibition. Together with such national enterprises as AODE、Dongfang、XD、Tianyuan、Tianhe、Hangzhou Permanent Magnet、Jufeng、JingWei、OZMA、Andorin from China, they exchanged ideas on their products and technology and competed with each other for business, providing a panoramic view of the Coil and Motor Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing industry in the world.

According to statistics of authoritative third party, the event attracted in total 7,141 visitors from over 30 countries. Experts and elites in the field gathered together to keep abreast of the industry trends in communication. During the four-day long event, the exhibition area was thronged with people of great passion for business negotiation and a large number of contracts were signed. During the exhibition time from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon every day, professionals for purchasing and consulting crowded around the booths in the bustling hall. "There had been no professional exhibition for the industry in China before. The opening of the first China Coil and Motor Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition brought great convenience to us for comprehensive and prompt understanding of the latest technology and products so that we can easily finish our job of purchase", expressed by one of the professional customers. After in-depth communication between exhibitors and target customers, many large contracts were signed on the site. It was really a rewarding experience for everyone present. With accurate positioning, excellent organization, and perfect service on the site, the exhibitor satisfaction reached 96%, which fully demonstrated the superb competence of VNU Exhibitions Asia in the organization of exhibitions.

After the successful organization of the first Coil Winding exhibition, the organizer will work harder to strive for promoting the further development of the industry with the power of exhibition.

Exhibitor Analysis:
  • Part of Exhibitors

    Equipments: TANAC、Nittoku、Odawara、Andorin、OZMA、JOVIL、Ruff Gmbh、Marsilli、V&C、SCHULER、The Minster Machine、ZEUS Inc、Schengenpflug、POSCO and etc.

    Insulation materials: Dupont、Synflex、ISOVOLTA、Dongfang、XD、Tianyuan、Tianhe、Jufeng、JingWei、AXSON and etc.

    Magnetic Materials: Tianyuan、Tianhe、Hangzhou Permanent Magnet and etc.

Comments from Exhibitors
  • We bring the latest exhibits to the show and got a good response. There are a lot of professional visitors and all of our staffs were busy for customers' reception. Actually, we did have received a lot of orders onsite.

    From Mr. Nobushige Kondo,
    President of Nittoku Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • The show runs successfully, better than expected. We received a lot of customers and gained a lot of profit. The coil winding show could be said the best exhibition over the years. We could continue to participate next year.

    From Yasunari Fujino
    Vice President of Tanaka Seike (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.
  • We’re honored to come to Shenzhen to recommend our products. As Europe’s leading manufacturer of ring winding machine, we’re satisfied with the exhibition result. The first day we had got more than 200 important customers. Of course we will participate the coil winding show in China next year.

    From Louis Steven Veress
    Managing Director of V&C GmbH
  • As the main supplier for transformer and motor in Europe market, SYNFLEX would have a big development in China market in future. I have been looking for such kind of professional exhibition for coil winding industry to display our image. The show is a good platform and opportunity. This is a good start and the customers are concentrated. We’re very satisfied with the quantity and quality of the buyers. We saw a lot of customers we want to see and at the same time we’re pleased to be able to let them find the supplier they needed onsite. We will continue to participate in the show in 2013.

    From Michael Thiel / Vi-Ton Vu
    Leiter Marketing / General Manager of SYNFLEX Electric Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • It’s the first promotion show in the industry after we listed. There’s good chance for us to promote and give the customer an insight in to us.

    From WU Binhai
    Vice General Manager of Tianjin Jing Wei Electric Wire Co., Ltd.
  • As the No.1 of China insulating material industry, we participated in the coil winding show. There’re a lot of professional visitors, especially from overseas, United States, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Japan, South Korea. We had communicated in depth with some customers on-site and reached preliminary cooperation intention.

    From ZHAO Haibo
    Imp & Exp Dept, Manger of Sichuan Dongfang Insulating Material Co., Ltd.
  • RUFF is the industry leading suppliers. As a German company, we want to promote our products in China market. We launch our new products according customers’ demands every year. China has a bright future and we came to Shenzhen. We would cooperate closely with Coil Winding show and participate in the China show next year.

    From Luisella Ferrari
    Company’s Owner of RUFF Company
  • Thanks to the coil winding show to invite us join this grand gathering of industry, it has brought us a lot of positive effects. It helped us get in touch with the customers we’d like to get, expand our business market, discuss the industry issues and develop the new products. Coil Winding Show in Shenzhen 2012 attracted large visitors, who are high qualified. We hope it better and better, base in China and help the industry transformation and upgrading.

    From Divy Hua
    General Manger of China Trophy Advance-Tech Co., Ltd.

Visitors Statistics
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