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2013.5.8-10 Coil winding, Insulations & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition China 2013
Breeding the Upgrade of Coil Winding Exhibition

From May 8 to 10, CCPIT Guangzhou Sub-Council, VNU Exhibitions Asia successfully organized Coil Winding, Insulations & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition China 2013 in Guangzhou POLY World Trade Expo Centre. This year the show grew 25% over last year and reached 10,000 Square meters, 158 exhibitors were 23% more than last year. With 7,636 visitors from 44 countries and regions, 546 of which came from overseas, the show boasted a growth of 7% over 2012.

All the exhibitors at 2013 are giants in their respective industries: TANAC, V&C, DETZO, MARSILLI, AODE, OZMA, and TROPHY for winding machine industry; DUPONT, SYNFLEX, ELANTAS, MICARTA, SUI ON, JUFENG, TIANYUAN, TIANHE, FELLER, ARNOLD for insulation and magnet industry. Every booth was eager to display the latest equipments and products, and present the advanced technologies that reflect the tendency and development of the industry.

Exhibitor Analysis


  • The HyMPulse for advanced quality control of the latest generation of permanent magnets — Dr. Luc Van Bockstal

    Where are Metal Prices Going? — SHENG Weimin, Head of Haitong Futures Institute

    What are the newest developments in coil-winding technology required to advance EV Drive Motors and contribute to an electric car culture? — YING Hongliang, Deputy Chief Engineer, Shanghai Edrive Co., Ltd.

    The Trend of Electronic Transformer Industry — WANG Youxiong, Senior Engineer, DaZhong Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The Latest in High Performance Insulation — CHEN Rongqin, Technology Researcher, DuPont China
    HUANG Shuangyi, Technology Researcher, DuPont China

Comments from Exhibitors
  • Quite good quantity and quality of the visitors and the company obtained good results due to a good number of target clients. The show means a lot for us.

    ZHANG Yi, General Manager, TANAC Automation (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
  • The result of this exhibition is quite well. In these three days we had a horde of visitors and collected many business cards.

    Alice Lee, Business Department, DETZO Co., Ltd.
  • The Coil Winding show is a great platform for showing our latest technology. Comparing to last year, both of the quantity and quality of visitors are growing. We believe the show will grow up into an excellent and professional platform in South China.

    ZHONG Longdong, Sales Manager, MITSUI HIGH-TEC (GUANG DONG) Co., Ltd.
  • The show in Guangzhou attracted a good number of serious potential customers and provided a good base for our continued growth in the Chinese market...we found the show in Guangzhou an excellent way to get in contact with the market in the south of China.

    Giampiero Pari, Director, MARSILLI Group.
  • It's a professional and well-organized show. We achieved our goals of branding and business development in participating in the show. We hope the show will expand its scale through co-operation with related associations and institutions.

    DU Shubin, Marketing Manager, Guangdong Ronsen Super Micro-Wire Co., Ltd.
  • Our products are applications in transformers, generators and transducers. The participation has generated good results. We hope the show grow more.

    WU Xu, Manager, Yantai Metastar Special Paper Co., Ltd.
  • It's a professional industrial platform and opportunity. The show is a great platform for marketing promotion for our company.

    ZHOU Hegui, Vice General Manger, Earth Panda Advance Magnetic Material Co., Ltd.
  • This is a professional and well organized exhibition. Hope the following shows will upgrade and become better and better.

    ZHANG Yang, Area Sales Manager, Elantas Zhuhai Co., Ltd.
  • It's a successful show which covers our current market and unknown area. We met many buyers and industry experts at the show. It is surely a good opportunity to promote our brand. We will take the next participation into consideration.

    LIU Jihai, Sales Department, Sui On Insulating Materials Co., Ltd.
  • Good exhibition, lot of contact...Technical services good. We'll come again.

    L.V. DMG meccanica s.r.l.
Comments from Visitors
  • The show gathers enough equipments and top technologies, and provides a professional trading platform for the industry. Both the exhibitors and the visitors got what they wanted. In few words, the show was very successful.

    HU Xianhui, secretary-general of Electronic Transformer Branch of China Electronic Components Association
  • The show certainly is one of the top shows in the industry in terms of exhibitors and professional visitors as well as its organization and management, profession, operation and management of the show in China. At present, the size and grade of winding equipment and magnetic materials on site are good. I hope the Coil Winding show will become better and better.

    ZHANG Pu, Secretary-general from Micro-motor Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association
  • I would like to thank VNU Exhibitions Asia for providing such a good platform and we appreciate the good services of the organizer. The show has abundant offering without sacrificing its emphases, and provides a good opportunity for our equipment procurement and information exchanges.

    BIN Rui, Midea
  • This exhibition is a great success. We now have more options when we are selecting suppliers. Please keep Sunlord informed with the following shows. Many thanks.

    WANG Rui, Shenzhen Sunlord Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • The show meets the all requirements from our engineers and all exhibits are definitely materials which are used to produce transformers. We found professional suppliers from every field in the industry. Thanks for the efforts you did for organizing this brilliant show.

    ZHANG Ya , Zhuhai Kede Electronic Co., Ltd.